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custom etched mirror

custom etched mirror


handmade engraved mirror with CUSTOM LETTERING & barbed wire border ðŸ–¤ the barbs are sharp! handle with love n care

you will recieve a design layout in a few days after placing your order. once you approve the layout I will get started on your mirror!

processing time is 8-10 weeks


✧ max character limit 10ish words / 60 characters 

✧ solid letter option only for custom etched mirrors (unless it's one word-please contact me with any questions about this)


✧no hate speech/racism/homophobia/etc. I reserve the right to not create a mirror that says something unaligned with my own morals and values as an artist and human.

once the capacity is reached for this preorder I will shut down the listings until I get caught up ♡ don't worry if they sell out bc I will make more! ily!


  • measures 9" h x 7" w 


    comes ready to hang on ur wall!


    Solder contains lead--wash hands after handling. More info on solder here.


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