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Raffle for Ramata

Win a 9" barbed wire heart mirror with custom etched lettering of your choice by donating to Ramata's surgery fund on GoFundMe!

How to enter: 

✧ donate to Ramata's surgery fund on GoFundMe

✧ email me a screenshot or copy of your receipt at

One "ticket" is $10. You can donate as much as you'd like, every $10 will count towards a raffle ticket. Example: if you donate $50, you have five raffle tickets. 

Three winners will receive a 9" barbed wire heart mirror with custom etched words of their choice! (within reason- no hate speech/racism/homophobia/etc. I reserve the right to not create a mirror that says something unaligned with my own morals and values as an artist and human)  

Just an FYI - I value custom mirrors at $250 but wanted the raffle to be accessible <3 please consider giving more than just $10 if you're able to. Words cannot express how important this cause is.


Other fine print -

✧  free shipping for US winners

✧ international winners will be responsible for shipping costs $20-$60 depending on the region (feel free to email me if you want to know what the shipping cost would be for your address)

✧ if you already donated before I announced the raffle please email me your receipt! I will round up to the nearest ten and give you a bonus entry <3 thank you for supporting Ramata's surgery fund.

✧ raffle closes at midnight on August 31st 2022 

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