lovelocked restraints

lovelocked restraints


romantic black chain wrist restraints ⛓


when not in use they can be worn as a necklace or as two bracelets for u and ur lover ðŸ¥º (how cute is that omg)


these are adjustable! feel free to include wrist measurements in the checkout notes if you would like.


includes a working padlock with keys that join the two restraints. the restraints are fastened with snapping clasps. these are super easy to take on and off with a partner or solo! 


a note about these: they are not your padded faux fur restraints, they are made from hardware and will leave lil love bites on your wrists. they won't break the skin but can leave bruising depending on how rough you play â™¡ (like any chains, pls do not use for suspension, thank u)


throw away ur problematic cop handcuffs and add these to ur collection instead!



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